Food & Wine Pairing

Enjoy a Food & Wine Pairing class, guided by a professional Chef!

Make the most of an assortment, or allow the Chef to create a menu featuring your collection.

Take the worry out of pairing wine with your meals!Chef JoAnna is delighted to collaborate with local wine purveyors to create a one-of-a-kind wine tasting event for you and your guests.

An idea of how this event might go would be:

  • Decide what you'd like to taste: a full assortment, just reds, just whites, just sparkling, or go deep, comparing several different wineries offerings of a single varietal. Chef JoAnna will suggest several wines that cover the range of varietals, or you can ask each guest to bring their favorite.

  • The wines will be offered with an assortment of appetizers created especially for the comparison of flavors. You'll discover, along with Chef JoAnna's guidance, which wines pair best with the different flavors offered. Booklets will be provided so that each guest can record his or her preferences.

  • Several sweets will be offered, for pairings with dessert, as well. Enjoy tastes of spätelese, port, or champagne. Chef JoAnna will work out the details.

Chef JoAnna will act as the Master of Ceremonies, offering suggestions and telling anecdotes about her unique experiences.

There's no question that a delicious wine can enhance delicious food...The query is, instead, how many people can you fit around the table?

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