Due to COVID, no in-person lessons permitted; all classes shall be held over Zoom for the forseeable future.
Please stay safe, at home!
Cooking Classes Open to the Public

No-Contact, COVID-safe Cooking Classes!


Learn to cook in a LIVE virtual classroom, with a professional Chef, without leaving your kitchen!

Classes for Adults

COVID video cooking classes

A) Join scheduled public classes,

B) Create your own private lesson!

FREE Weekly Q & A every Tuesday.
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Classes for Kids

home school cooking lessons
Home-School or After School Cooking Lessons for Kids

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where you can also contact me about my programs available for Eagle Scout Cooking Merit Badges, Boy Scouts Cooking Badges or Girl Scouts Cooking Badges.
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Gift Certificates

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Gift Certificates for Cooking Classes, as low as $45.
Choose a public class & meet new people OR reserve a private class for just you, or invite your friends & family
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cooking lessons by video conference

Business Consultation

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Advice for Food Entrepreneurs

by appointment; free private 30 min consultation.
cooking classes on ZOOM

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Private Cooking Lessons

Whether it's to improve weeknight cooking, weekly meal prep classes, or celebrations, these skills last forever!

Schedule a Private, Live, Virtual Cooking class with family, friends, or co-workers. YOU decide what time - Morning, Noon, Afternoon or Evening - just make an appointment to contact Chef JoAnna to discuss the details!

Whatever you're looking for:

COVID Safe Cooking Classes

Virtual vegan cooking class... Virtual keto cooking class... Virtual paleo cooking class... Virtual vegetarian cooking class... Virtual gluten-free cooking class... Virtual low-sodium cooking class... Virtual diabetic cooking class... Virtual heart-healthy cooking class... Virtual low-carb cooking class... Virtual Whole 30 cooking class... Virtual ayurvedic cooking class... Virtual kosher cooking class... anything you like!

Virtual Cooking Lessons over Zoom

Savory Cooking Class Chattanooga

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Chef JoAnna says:

I remember being six years old, standing in my Aunt Maria's kitchen in Chicago. She always used fresh basil, fresh oregano, fresh everything. I remember thinking, "I wish I could eat like this for the rest of my life." Read moreтАж