Virtual Cooking Classes

Virtual Cooking Classes

Virtual Cooking Lessons


Didn't make time to take cooking lessons before?

Now's your chance!

Learn to cook in a LIVE virtual classroom, with a professional Chef, without leaving your kitchen!

Do you want to learn to prepare meals that will make you feel good again? You know all that delivery isn't good for you, and really, is it that delicious?

"Real-Time" ~or~ "Watch & Learn" live demo

Learn to cook in a Virtual Classroom, with a live instructor.
It's as easy as a Zoom call. (If your kids can do it for school, you can do it, too!)

Two-Camera Setup!

Watch me talk AND watch me cook at the same time. I'm doing all lessons with a 2-camera setup on Zoom*, so you can watch me talk AND see me cooking at the same time. It's like I'm cooking right next to you, and you'll never miss a step ...or my incredible/terrible puns.
* or the format/platform of your choice

A Watch & Learn class is where I cook on video while you watch. You'll be asking questions and taking notes... This class is about 90 mins. Then you cook the dishes on your own time at your convenience. You can phone/text me with questions when you're cooking, and send me photos when you're done. This seems to work out OK for most people. This includes an e-mail of all the recipes used in each class so you can make notes, plus lots of pages with safety info, diagrams, and other cheat-sheets, and 90+ minutes of live instruction. This is $150/class.

Book your "Watch & Learn" lesson!

A "Real-Time": is where we cook together, live, at the same time. This is 100% interactive: I'll do a technique, and then you do it as I coach you through it. These classes take about 3 hours, because it takes twice as long for each of us to do each technique. You still get all the notes and cheat-sheets, as well as get the recipes in advance so you can do your shopping and get your equipment together. This is $250/class.
Optional: I can do your online shopping list ($30), and/or mail you a package of spices & hard-to-find ingredients (cost varies).

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For either of these, of course, you would have to buy any groceries or equipment, but I have everything detailed. The cost of groceries is additional and varies depending on what you prefer. For example, if you buy organic foods, gluten-free bread/pastry, "faux-tein" products or vegan "dairy" products, that will increase costs. The essentials won't change, so it's totally up to you. There is a 3% convenience fee for using a credit card.

If you're just interested in a one-on-one consultation with a chef for some things that have you puzzled, just give me a call:

30-minute Q&A phonecall

Tell Chef JoAnna what you'd like to learn...

    Once you choose your menu, you're on your way!

  1. SHOP: Chef will send a list of ingredients needed before the class. Check your pantry for the ingredients you have on hand.

  2. TEST: Do a 15 minute test-run to check your video setup before the class starts (best if done a day or two before.)
    "Real-Time" lessons: Chef will go over ingredients/equipment with you, to be sure you have what you need.

  3. COOK: Watch a live demo of the skill on the chef's cooktop.
    LIVE two-way interaction: Ask as many questions as you like!
    If you're doing a "Real-Time" class, you'll get live feedback from the chef as if she was standing next to you.

    ( Two menu items per class, 3 hr maximum per class)

    Each live session will include:
    · All recipes for all the dishes prepared in class
    · A list of tools & equipment necessary to prepare the food
    · Detailed instructions for each cooking skill.

    I can create your online shopping list at the grocery store of your choice.
    Recipe-portioned packets of seasonings & pantry ingredients.
    (Price varies)
    A few days before your event, Chef JoAnna can send you premeasured seasonings and hard-to-find pantry items. Naturally, you can purchase your proteins & produce right before class, so you'll have the freshest ingredients possible. During your pre-class consultation appointment, Chef JoAnna will contact you and help you set up your tech and go over your tools so you can focus on learning your new recipes.

    YOU choose the menu!

    Your hands. Your kitchen.
    Cook at your own pace following Chef JoAnna's demo.
    Ask questions of the chef throughout the duration of your class.
    Learn in your own space. Just like being in a class, but better!
    Break the cycle of eating out, taking out, or driving through.
    Learn how to season properly.
    Experience a variety of fresh ingredients.
    Never again feel like the kitchen is for a trained professional only.
    Get answers to the questions you've always wondered about.
    Change your life and your health by learning the techniques, tips, and strategies to prepare fresh food in your own home.


    All dietary restrictions can be accommodated:

    Contact Chef JoAnna to book your lesson!

    30-minute Q&A phonecall
    Virtual vegan cooking class... Virtual keto cooking class... Virtual paleo cooking class... Virtual vegetarian cooking class... Virtual gluten-free cooking class... Virtual low-sodium cooking class... Virtual diabetic cooking class... Virtual heart-healthy cooking class... Virtual low-carb cooking class... Virtual Whole 30 cooking class... Virtual ayurvedic cooking class... Virtual kosher cooking class... anything you like!

    Schedule a Private, Live, Virtual Cooking class with family, friends, or co-workers.
    Morning, Noon, Afternoon or Evening - just make an appointment!

    Private Cooking Lessons

      Whether it's to improve weeknight cooking, weekly meal prep classes, or celebrations, these skills last forever!   
    ALSO: Kids Cooking Lessons and programs available for
    Eagle Scouts Cooking Badges
    Girl Scouts Cooking Badges

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