Travel Surcharge Policy

Travel Policy
Serving Nashville to Huntsville

Short Answer:

In order to keep overall pricing lower and treat all clients fairly, Chef JoAnna charges a travel fee for extra-long distances.

Long Answer

Chef JoAnna will drive up to 80 minutes (1hr20min) to get to your home/venue at no additional cost to you. If Chef's Estimated Drive Time* exceeds a 80-minute, one-way commute, a travel surcharge of 50¢/minute will apply for the additional travel, (applicable to both 'legs' of the trip) to cover expenses and travel time.

If this is complicated, call/write/text me and I'll do the math for you.

*Estimated Drive Time is calculated from Google Map's estimate of driving from GPS coordinates of [35.17, -87.05] and based on the longest estimate of the shortest distance, and based on a 3:00pm arrival time.   [click for an example]

How to calculate:

Step #1: Click here:
Step #2: Replace "Franklin City Hall" with your home address.
Step #3: Find the longest estimate of the shortest distance; subtract 1hr20min from that. Travel surcharge is $1 per minute
(50¢, doubled for round-trip.)

· Franklin City Hall....1 hr 20 surcharge
· Hard Rock Cafe....1 hr 40 min.....20 mins extra, $20 surcharge
· Murfreesboro City Hall ....1 hr 40 min.....20 mins extra, $20 surcharge
· Mt Juliette City Hall....1 hr 50 min.....30 mins extra, $30 surcharge

· Huntsville City Hall ....1 hr 15 surcharge
· Guntersville Public Library ....2 hrs.....40 mins extra $40 surcharge
· Scottboro City Council ....2 hr 10 min.....50 mins extra $50 surcharge

Hope this makes sense, but if you need any assistance

  • Call 615-247-5800 or 256-513-9494
  • or send a text to either of those numbers
    and Chef JoAnna will answer all your questions.

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