SENSEational Team Building

Business Skills with a Culinary Twist!

SENSEational Team Building

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Looking for a new way to get your staff energized, or a for a special reward for achievements? Chef JoAnna offers several exciting, fun and educational Team Building options to meet your specific needs. Each session is customized, so that each experience is unique, perfect, and memorable. You may have discovered the perfect event for your business group!

  • There's NO strenuous physical activity. No trust-falls. No hula-hoops. No zip-lines. Nothing requires any special exertion.
  • Choose a "short & sweet" session as a fun reward, or invest a little more time for an in-depth structured team-building experience.
  • Doesn't matter if you can't fry an egg - Everyone's got the skills necessary to be successful in Chef JoAnna's Team Building classes.

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Team Building brings your employees together by encouraging "Face-to-Face" interaction. Chef JoAnna draws on her background in Human Resources to develop food-related activities that help people grow and share with each other in a different setting, giving everyone a chance to collaborate, cooperate and connect in an off-beat and fun experience.

Food is a universal language -- nothing brings people together more than sharing a meal.

Companies can avoid the expense of man-hours spent traveling to & from an offsite venue. Chef JoAnna understands that time is money, and helps you realize a savings advantage. Chef JoAnna will come to your office and do the entire session onsite. (Off-site venues are available, upon request. You may choose to host lunch at the venue, too!)

"Designing Desserts - Team Building"

Nashville team building  in-office teambuilding experience Nashville  Spring Hill team building

As goal oriented team-building exercises, our corporate events are designed to create a bonding type atmosphere. This option encourages cooperation, instead of a format that fosters competition.

This Team Building session can be set up in your own office, whether we use a kitchen, common space or the boardroom.

Off-site venues are available, upon request. You may also choose to host lunch at the venue, too!

The session typically takes around 3 hours (shortened to 2 if needed), including two hands-on activities. During this time we take photographs which we will post online after the event, for your team to view and enjoy. We're building memories as we strengthen our team bonds!

We are flexible, depending on the space; best suited to groups between 8 and 30 participants.

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"Iron Chef" Style Contest

Best for blending groups of people who don't usually work together.

Huntsville team building event  in-office teambuilding experience Huntsville  corporate team building event Columbia, TN

It's natural for people to want to remain in their own comfort zone, but when everyone's chopping veggies, stirring sauces, and garnishing desserts, you're going to interact on a very intimate level with those on your team.

Chef JoAnna takes pride in delivering a fun, dynamic, and mouth-watering event every time. Clients respond with raves about their experience!

The session typically takes around 4 hours from start to finish. Depending on the skill level of your participants, have your team make the entire meal, or just a single course such as the appetizer or the dessert. (Chef JoAnna will provide the additional courses; catering fees will apply).

We can be flexible, depending on the space; best suited to groups between 8 and 16 participants.

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Be SENSEational!

The Flagship Team Building Event, designed by Chef JoAnna.

Ignite creativity with mouth-watering smells and delicious flavors!

Nashville healthy employee activity  Huntsville healthy employee activity   Middle Tennessee team building event

Do you have a team of writers or other creative people who need something new and interesting to motivate them? Perhaps you have a group of scientists, or people you want to think like scientists?

Everyone has fun while tasting new & interesting foods! This guided tasting is much more than a plate of Hors d'Oeuvres and a cocktail! Teams of pairs take turns to figure out what they're eating, using all their senses while sharpening their communication skills,and understanding how suggestion and predisposition alters perception. Teams get switched up and rotated "speed dating" style, so everyone gets to sit with new teammates for each part of the presentation.

Participants get to enjoy the nuances of flavors they haven't considered before. They'll exercise their descriptive vocabulary & listening skills while giving their tastebuds a workout.

This session is short and sweet, and can be completed with only two hours of active staff participation.

Can be done on-site in your office space. Off-site venues are available, upon request. You might choose to host lunch at the venue, too!

We can be flexible, depending on the space; best suited to groups between 8 and 25 participants.

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Health & Nutrition Seminar

This "Fast-Easy-Healthy" presentation teaches good eating habits, plus a whole lot more.

Nashville healthy employee activity  Huntsville healthy employee activity   Middle Tennessee team building event

Good health starts with eating well. If your employees aren't making good food choices, it's affecting their health and their performance.
Learning how to cook will enhance their out-of-office lifestyle too. Employees will learn how to save money by cooking for themselves, and save time by doing weekly meal-prep, reducing the time spent cooking and cleaning to a minimum.

This is an interactive session that can take place in your office. It's like a "demo" cooking class, but NO cooking is done onsite. Chef JoAnna explains and demonstrates key techniques for getting food on the table (whether at home or at work) quickly and efficiently.

    This "Fast-Easy-Healthy Cooking" presentation covers:
  1. How to shop for groceries
  2. How to meal-prep for a week
  3. How to cook, store & serve healthy meals
    AND includes a custom cookbook with simple recipes ANYONE can make!

Number of participants? ...How many people fit in your largest presentation space! (If sampling is requested, maximum of 30 participants.)

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Food & Wine Pairing

Celebrate the achievement of important company milestone with a wine tasting class!

Nashville team group reward  Huntsville team group reward  Murfreesboro team experience reward

Let's face it, your well-paid staff doesn't need another embroidered fleece jacket or insulated mug. When your team has earned a reward, give them a fun experience instead of another trinket.

Research indicates that "experiences" make us happier than "things"... Chef JoAnna's Food & Wine Pairing will not only be a wonderful evening shared by your team, it will give them practical knowledge of how to select and enjoy wine.

Read more here: Chef JoAnna's Food & Wine Pairing

Optimum size varies with the space; best suited to groups between 6 and 16 participants.

Off-site venues are available, upon request. You may opt to host a meal at the venue, after the tasting.

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No matter which format you choose, all lessons cover:

  • Proper cooking techniques
  • Plating and presentation techniques
  • Planning, timing and service
  • Safety & sanitation instruction
  • Nutrition and health information

Of course, every participant will receive recipes for everything taught during the presentation. If you make something spontaneously, Chef JoAnna will prepare a document and send it via e-mail after the sesson.

Design a custom event!

    When you've decided on a food-related team building activity, Chef JoAnna is the best choice. She has a passion for the culinary arts that shows through with every event. A natural teacher, she will explain, clarify, and explain again until everyone understands and is comfortable.

  • Because you're working with a professional chef, everyone can be accommodated. If you have vegetarians, vegans, folks who keep kosher, or folks who require gluten-free or allergen-free food, it's fine. All events can be adjusted so that everyone can participate.
  • Pre-arrange your teams so that people who need to work together can do so, or choose to have randomized team assignments.
  • Private instruction, in your own office, is less intimidating than going to a "professional" training kitchen.
  • Because the event takes place in your office, Chef JoAnna doesn't have any overhead costs to pass along. Not to mention, you save the expense of compensating employee travel time!
  • Off-site venues are available, upon request. Most will allow you to host lunch at the venue, too!

  • Chef JoAnna has no retail store affiliation, so you won't listen to any sales pitch for expensive kitchen equipment.

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How can I prepare for a Team Building event?

Once you've booked a event Chef JoAnna will send a questionnaire to help define your goals, so that she can help you reach them. You may want to gather info from your participants ahead of the event, as well. Just choose a date, and reserve a space (conference room, kitchen, lunch area, etc.) for the entire day, to allow for set up and clean up. Decide if you want to bring in lunch or refreshments, and make sure you allot additional time for service.

How long do Team Building lessons last?

You should allow at between 2 to 4 hours for any of these sessions. Chef JoAnna will arrive an hour early to set up, and will stay until the clean up is complete.

What does a Team Building session cost?

Costs vary depending on what you want to do and how many people will be attending the lesson.

Fees always include:

  • Chef's time, including the time spent preparing the lesson and shopping for groceries*
  • Each participant will receive an apron and a chef's toque, which is theirs to keep.
  • Personalized instruction, with detailed explanations before the activity and coaching throughout the event.
  • Use of specialized tools such as a Crème Brûlée torch, pasta machine, mandoline or other equipment
  • Recipe booklets, including Safety & Sanitation guidelines and related materials, customized for your group.
  • Guided debriefing with a question & answer session.
  • Participants will receive a certificate customized to the event, with awards and prizes as applicable.
  • ...and of course, Chef JoAnna and her staff will handle all the clean up.

Note: Cost of groceries may not be included in the fee. Receipts will be presented for reimbursement on the date of the lesson.

Send this link to your department manager or activities director:
or click here to print a PDF flyer.

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