Culinary Boot Camp
a Cooking Lesson Package

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Whether you're a novice who needs a solid foundation of skills, or an experienced home cook looking to expand your day-to-day repertoire, Chef JoAnna can help you develop your ability and cultivate your talents!

Get a solid foundation of skills
with these four introductory classes.

These five-hour classes will empower most people with the skills needed to pick up nearly any recipe andprepare it with success. You can adjust menus based on personal preferences and dietary needs.

Each of the following classes includes a CLASSROOM section and a COOKING LAB section. Participants will receive a binder full of notes, recipes, handouts, cheat-sheets and guides for Fast Easy and Healthy cooking!

Pop-up dinner Chattanooga Knife Skills & How to Make Soups

  • How to Safely Handle a Knife
  • Cooking Basics, How to Read a Recipe
  • "Mise-en-Place" & Organizing Skills
  • Learn to Prepare: Chicken or Vegetable Noodle Soup, plus Carrot or Potato Soup

Pop-up dinner Chattanooga Terms and Techniques & Stir Fry

  • Safety & Sanitation Information
  • Cook according to the Hierarchy of Vegetables
  • Product Selection: "Which kind of potato, pasta or rice should I use?"
  • Learn to Prepare: Asian Stir Fry (choice of protein) with Rice & Vegetables

Pop-up dinner Chattanooga Eating with Five Senses & Salads

  • Learning how to Taste & Smell as a Chef
  • Using Spices: Classic Flavor Combinations
  • Plating Techniques, Sauces & Garnishes
  • Learn to Prepare: 3 kinds of salads, plus salad dressings, and make beautiful, edible garnishes!

Pop-up dinner Chattanooga Planning & Timing Skills & Cooking Two Meals at Once

  • Organizing Tools & Ingredients
  • Timing Skills for a Multiple-Course Meal
  • Efficient Planning: Cook Once, Eat Twice
  • Learn to Prepare: Two dinners simultaneously, such as Spaghetti & Meatballs and Beef Stroganoff or Pasta Primavera and Quiche Lorraine

Special pre-pay rate for all four foundation classes listed above: $1275* for up to 2 participantsChoose an individual class from the above list for $350* for up to two participants.

Contact Chef JoAnna
to schedule a class, and let's start cooking!

In addition to the above program, Chef JoAnna offers custom-created classes on specific themes:

      Group #1
    • Chicken, Beef, or Pork Entrées
    • Entrées made from Game or Fish
    • Vegetarian and/or Vegan Entrées
    • International Specialty Cuisine
    • Preparing Special Holiday Meals
    • Home-Made Pasta (from scratch!)
    Classes in Group #1 result in a complete meal (entrée, vegetables and/or carbohydrate) for 4 guests.
      Group #2
    • Dessert - any style, time permitting**
    • Bread - any style, time permitting**
    • Hors d'Oeuvres & Party Food
    • Breakfast or Brunch Foods
    • International/Ethnic Cuisine
    • Cake Decorating Techniques
    Classes in Group #2 result in food that may be consumed on-site or taken home to enjoy later!
    **Dessert and Bread classes are typically longer classes. Overtime billed at $45/hr.

    CREATE YOUR OWN CLASS FOR $350* per 3.5 hour class, for up to two participants

    Add up to four additional participants: $50 per person, per class.For groups of more than 6 participants, a demonstration class is available; please inquire.

    Fees include lesson planning, recipes, grocery shopping time, any advance preparation,patient comprehensive hands-on instruction, use of any specialized equipment, and clean-up.

    NOTE: *Class fee does not include groceries, disposables, consumables, or take-home packaging.

    Contact Chef JoAnna
    to schedule a class, and let's start cooking!

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