Take a fun cooking class!

Video Cooking Lessons with Chef JoAnna

    If we could learn from just watching videos on Food Network we'd all be master chefs... but if you need someone to guide your knife (or even just virtually hold your hand!) this is exactly the class for you.

    Cook "side-by-side" with a professional chef who has over 17 years of experience, teaching in every kind of kitchen. "Whether you have a marble kitchen island with a gas range, or your kitchen is the size of a closet with a small electric cooktop, I'll show you how to coax the best results out of your equipment."

    Explore anything from basic knife skills to advanced techniques, using whole, fresh ingredients, not pre-portioned processed meat, frozen packages, and sodium-filled canned foods. Chef JoAnna helps you feel more comfortable in the kitchen.

    · Invite a group or take a private, one-on-one class with Chef JoAnna.
    · YOU choose the day, YOU choose the lesson plan.
    · Learn, hands-on, at your own skill level.
    · Always personalized, individual instruction.
    · Choose how many Zoom connections will participate for each class.
    · You're at home, so you'll never cook with a spoon-licking stranger...

    Please let me know what you have in mind, and I'll work with you to reach your goals!

Advance Prep: 30-60 minutes, depending on what you choose to make.
Lesson Duration: 2.5 = 3 hours (I'll give you an estimate when we arrange the class.)
Make it yourself:  Faster, and better, with experience!
After taking this class you can prepare the food from this class on your own much faster than we do during the lesson...and you'll get better with practice!

  • Chef JoAnna is an experienced chef instructor and uses a two-camera setup so you can have a conversation and watch her work at the same time.
  • This is a HANDS-ON experience where you cook along with the chef!
  • If you'd like to purchase an ingredient packet, please send an e-mail. Allow 2 weeks' notice for delivery via USPS. Price varies.
  • Recipe and list of tools & equipment needed are provided upon paid registration.
  • Need to get some new kitchen stuff? Chef JoAnna's favorite ingredients, tools & equipment can be found here:
  • BONUS: FREE Weekly Q & A.

"Couples or Besties" : $165 for up to 2 zoom connections
"Friends & Family" : $250 for up to 5 zoom connections
Single Participant : $135 for 1 zoom connection
and add on extra connections for $30 more.

Also available as gift certificates!

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Chef JoAnna says:

I remember being six years old, standing in my Aunt Maria's kitchen in Chicago. She always used fresh basil, fresh oregano, fresh everything. I remember thinking, "I wish I could eat like this for the rest of my life." Read moreтАж