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Weeknight Cooking Club Classes:
Created to help you get dinner on the table in an hour when we do it live... then make it yourself in around 30 minutes!

    NOTE: These menus are set in advance (typically for one entrée and its side dishes) as listed here. Minor adjustments* for personal preferences and dietary requirements can be accommodated, but please give me 24 hrs notice to make suggestions. (*Things like switching almond butter and peanut butter, or using chicken instead of pork are fine. Since there may be others in the class, I can't make adjustments to avoid dairy/gluten/nightshades/etc. The menu will not change, so if you can't eat something in that recipe, please choose another class.
    Write to me with specific questions!
  • Apricot Chipotle Glazed Chicken or Pork - A classic gastrique-based sauce that is good on Chicken, Pork or even Tempeh!
  • Arepas - Tasty little treat that's Gluten Free and can be vegan, if you choose. Also, home-made Curtido!
  • Chhole (Chickpea & Tomato) - Indian comfort food at it's best, you can make this in 30 minutes on a weeknight with pantry ingredients & a bit of spice.
  • Sweet & Savory Crêpes - All you need is a good non-stick pan and a good recipe... and some ideas for tasty sweet & savory fillings
  • Satay & Gado Gado - Meat-on-a-stick, plus a salad, both are sauced with a savory peanut dressing that will make you crave your veggies! It's also good on all kinds of protiens, too!
  • Pad Thai - The classic Thai noodle dish, made by you, just how you like it.
  • Potstickers/Dumplings - You can fold them up fancy, or you can just put 'em together, fry 'em up, and enjoy. We make TWO dipping sauces, too.
  • Pasta Puttanesca - You'll never believe how delicious you can make your spaghetti night: Amazing, intense flavors in a simple weeknight pasta.
  • Shrimp & Grits - Amazing, intense flavors in a simple weeknight pasta.
  • Summer Roll - The classic Vietnamese roll with your choice of fillings (let me know your preferences) and we make TWO dipping sauces!
  • Morrocan Tagine - Imagine having something as delicious as this Moroccan upgrade from pot roast in your culinary repertoire. Served over couscous or cauliflower "rice".
  • Spanish Tapas - Small plates that can be Hors d'Oeuvres or an entire meal! Customized to your dietary preferences.

  • SPECIALTY CLASSES:Do you have a little more time? We make a LOT more food during these classes!

  • Meal Prep - Learn how to make 4 servings of 4 dishes in just 90 minutes - that INCLUDES doing the prep & all the cooking!
  • (class is longer than 90 minutes!)
  • Private Class - Schedule your own video class, as a couple, or with family & friends, 2 to 5 video connections for one price, add connections for just a bit more! "Cook Along" OR "Watch & Learn"

  • BONUS: FREE Weekly Q&A here: Chef Chat - Ask Chef JoAnna as many cooking questions you can in 30 minutes, for free!

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