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Current List of Cooking Classes

Recreational Cooking Lessons:

    Expand your knowledge of international cuisine during these fun and educational classes!

    Apricot Chipotle Glazed Chicken or Pork
    A classic gastrique-based sauce that is good on Chicken, Pork or even Tempeh!

    Tasty little treat that's Gluten Free and can be vegan, if you choose. Also, home-made Curtido!

    Channa Masala
    Indian comfort food at it's best, you can make this in 30 minutes on a weeknight with pantry ingredients & a bit of spice.

    These little pockets made of corn flour can be filled with almost anything. We'll use Chorizo & Potato and Spicy Chicken

    Satay & Gado Gado
    Meat-on-a-stick, plus a salad, both are sauced with a savory peanut dressing that will make you crave your veggies! It's also good on all kinds of proteins, too!

    Indian Feast
    Four different dishes, just like you'd find at a buffet restaurant... made fresh and healthy, served with rice.

    Pad Thai
    The classic Thai noodle dish, made by you, just how you like it.

    Hand-made Pasta, from scratch!
    Three different pastas, three different sauces, all made from scratch during your lesson. "If you leave hungry it's your own fault!"

    Potstickers (Gyoza)
    You can fold them up fancy, or you can just put 'em together, fry 'em up, and enjoy. We make TWO dipping sauces, too.

    Pasta Puttanesca
    You'll never believe how delicious you can make your spaghetti night: Amazing, intense flavors in a simple weeknight pasta.

    Shrimp Scampi
    Garlicky shrimp in a lemon and white wine sauce dress up a big dish of linguini or fettuccine pasta. This is the good stuff.

    Sheet Pan Dinner
    If you don't have time to prep AND cook AND clean, this class teaches you a technique on how to do a LITTLE work but still get a LOT of healthy delicious food.

    Shepherd's Pie
    Whether you use lamb, turkey, beef or even beans, we'll call it a delicious dinner that tastes great as leftovers, too!

    Shrimp & Grits
    If you want a rib-stickin' savory dinner that can be on the table in under 30 minutes that's still wholesome and delicious, this is that dish.

    Summer Roll
    The classic Vietnamese roll with your choice of fillings (let me know your protein preferences) and we make TWO dipping sauces!

    Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry
    Who doesn't love a big dish of fluffy rice topped with your choice of Chicken, Pork of Tofu? We'll learn to make a lighter, simpler version (no breading!) that is gluten free and chock full of vegetables, in a tangy pineapple sauce.

    Imagine having something as delicious as this Moroccan upgrade from pot roast in your culinary repertoire. Served over couscous or cauliflower "rice".

Sunday Brunch Lessons:

    Come learn how to make delicious brunch foods on a lazy Sunday morning.

    Sweet & Savory Crêpes
    All you need is a good non-stick pan and a good recipe... and some ideas for tasty sweet & savory fillings

    Breakfast Pastries
    In this class, we make Danish, croissants and more using both home-made & frozen doughs.

    Learn how to do scrambled and fried eggs, both sunny-side up and over-easy... and how to flip an omelet!

    EGGstravaganza 2
    The queen of brunch dishes! Eggs Benedict, or Eggs Florentine, topped with Hollandaise & served with Home Fries.

    French Toast
    Learn how to do creamy and crispy French toast, topped with fresh fruits like bananas & strawberries, a drizzle of maple & powdered sugar icing, and a dollop of whipped cream

    Maple Sausage Breakfast Braid
    Make it the night before & sleep in! We'll fill this savory pastry with bacon, eggs and TWO kinds of cheese.

    Muffins & Scones
    Learn to do muffin batter & scone dough from scratch, and an assortment of mix-ins you can choose from.

    Egg & Cheese Strada
    We'll make this as individual servings in a ramekin -- at home, you can do it in muffin cups to make easy "nuke & go" breakfasts for busy weekdays.

Social "Mixers"!

    Make your own Mocktails while you prepare a few simple Hors d'Oeuvres under Chef JoAnna's guidance.

    MIX & Mingle Social
    For solo attendees or friends. No worries about being a "third wheel" at a couples cooking class. Hang out with others and enjoy this lovely, cozy space.

    Study Hall (not a cooking lesson)
    Do you work from home? Do you sometimes need a change of scenery, but still need to get stuff done? Adult ADHD friendly workspace.

Recreational Cooking Lessons:

    Come learn how to make delicious Hors d'Oeuvres, Tapas and Gyoza (potstickers) with us.

    Spanish Tapas
    Small plates that can be Hors d'Oeuvres or an entire meal! Customized to your dietary preferences.

    Party Food!
    All the best parties end up in the kitchen - so why don't we start the party there, instead! All dietary preferences can be accommodated

    Potstickers (Gyoza)
    We'll make these delicious dumplings that are pan-fried,then steamed in a small amount of liquid. Several different folding techniques will be taught in class! These are served with dipping sauces - and we'll make those, too!.

Kids' Classes


    Do you have a little more time? We make a LOT more food during these classes!

    Meal Prep
    Learn how to make 4 servings of 4 dishes in just 90 minutes - that INCLUDES doing the prep & all the cooking!
    (NOTE! Class is longer than 90 minutes, it is about 2.5 hours long!)
    Private Class
    Schedule your own class, as a couple, or with family & friends. "Cook Along" OR "Watch & Learn"

    NOTE: These menus are set in advance (typically for one entrée and its side dishes) as listed here. Minor adjustments* for personal preferences and dietary requirements can be accommodated, but please give me 48 hrs notice to make suggestions. The overall menu will not change, so if you can't eat something in that recipe, please choose another class, or you can set up your own Private Class.
    (*Things like using chicken instead of pork, or serving over rice instead of pasta is fine... since these are things that can be done individually. I can't make major adjustments such as avoiding dairy, gluten, nightshades, etc. unless done in a private class.)

    ALLERGY STATEMENT: We use ALL kinds of food in these classes. Lessons may call for items that include common allergens such as Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, and Soy. If a participant has dietary restrictions, please contact Chef JoAnna and she may be able to suggest ways to adapt the recipe, typically by substitution, or omission of the allergen. (Requires at least 48 hours' notice.) Not all recipes can be adapted. Chef JoAnna does not have the ability to ensure that the items purchased will be completely free of allergens. It's up to each participant to ensure that products consumed are allergen-free, as they can always confirm with Chef JoAnna, and read any packaging at any time.


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    Home-School or After School Cooking Lessons for Kids

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