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Mixology Tools

Whether you're making kid-friendly mocktails or starting your own home bar, these are the essential tools. I'm not going to post links to glassware, because you can find those anywhere, and the quality is very easy to discern. These tools are all hand-picked by me, so they're similar to, or often, exactly the same tools I use. If you're looking for some of the specialty ingredients, click here: Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients .

Mixology Set - Basic/Cobbler

This set includes a 25 oz cocktail cobbler shaker with built in strainer,1/0.5 oz Measuring Jigger,Mixing Spoon,Cocktail Muddler,2 Liquor Pourers. You would need to fill in some of the necessary equipment, but this can get you started.
Mixology Set - Basic/Boston

This set includes the "tins", as a Boston-style shaker. This may be harder to handle if you have small hands, and if you're not comfortable with having to hold two "loose" pieces together while shaking the drinks.
Mixology Set - High End

Here's another set with the Boston tins. (18 oz & 28 oz), plus Double Size 1oz & 2 oz Jigger, Mesh Conical, Julep, & Hawthorne Strainers, Ice Tongs. Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon, Stainless Steel Drink Muddler and 2 Liquor Pourers.
Strainer Set

If you don't buy any of the sets listed above, or you just want to add to your home set, you can get all 3 styles of strainer here. (If you buy what's listed above, they come with the spring-style Hawthorn.) If you just need the Hawthorne, here it is!
"Tea" Strainer

This will strain all the finest bits of things out of your drinks. A word of caution - these are actually kind of delicate, so clean them gently so you don't tear the mesh out of the frame.
Julep Spoon

This is perfect for removing large pieces of ingredients from liquid. Perforated spoon especially for straining, you can also use it to scoop up just a bit of ice. The holes are just the right size and the spoon fits in backwards over any glass.
American Jigger

Measures 1 1/2 on one end and 1/2 on the other. Cheap but functional! I also like (and I own) this clear plastic style but at the time I'm creating this page, it's a bit more expensive and not as nice looking.
Japanese Jigger

A Japanese jigger is an upgrade from traditional double jigger with a sleek shape. As I mention in class, the narrower the jigger, the more accurate the pour. 2 outside markings for 1oz & 2oz; interior markings show 3/4oz, 1/2oz and 1 1/2oz measurements.
Bell Jigger

This has half-measurement markings engrqaved on the inside for the most flexible pouring, while still looking really attractive and professional. (smaller end = .5 and 1 oz increments / the taller end = 1.5 and 2 oz increments.)
Ice: Large Cube

The ice-making part of this is made of flexible silicone, making it a cinch to remove cubes. It is supported by a plastic base, which supports the tray during filling, transport to the freezer and storage. The cover also protects ice from absorbing unwanted freezer odors
Ice: Large Sphere

The extra-large 2. 5" Spheres size is perfect for your cocktail favorites. The silicone seals tightly and allows the molds to stack neatly in your freezer, conserving space. Use these molds to add a unique touch to your drinks!
"Clear Ice" Cooler

This is the Coleman cooler I use in class. It's cheaper than the full price Igloo brand, but you can check to see if the Igloo brand is offered at a used-item discount, it might be cheaper than the Coleman!
Juicer - Handheld Reamer

This melamine model is a good choice because it's one piece, it won't get moldy on you like a wooden one, it won't pit out from acid like a metal one, and it gives you the best control when you're using the tool!
Juicer - Twisty Press

Twist with downward pressure, and seed-free juice will be in the nice measuring container below. This needs to be used on a sturdy surface, that's lower than your shoulder.
Juicer - Mexican Elbow

This was given to me as a "gift", because someone who was juicing fruit with my cast aluminum juicer broke it. WHAT AN UPGRADE! I've never pinched my fingers and it does a great job. You don't need to be Hercules to make this work well.
Squirt Bottle

You're going to use these for your flavored syrups. You know who loves flavored syrups? FLIES. So make sure you get a squirt bottle with an attached (but easy to clean) lid and USE it... and clean bottle & lid often.
Small Syrup Bottle

An elegant alternative to a plastic squeeze bottle, you might want to use this one to keep your Simple Syrup handy in this more attractive bottle. It's totally just a fancy upgrade.
Soy Sauce Bottle

Yes. Soy sauce bottle. They will pour your Simple Syrup in a beautiful stream. You will appreciate the beauty of perfect Laminar Flow!
Channel Knife

Skip the veg peeler, and use this easier & faster way to make long, perfect strips of zest for your garnishes. (I just discovered this U-shape one, which I have just ordered as I created this page - I love how it looks! U-SHAPE!)
Citrus Zester

I have owned about 8 zesters and this is the only one that works, always, even on soft/old citrus. ALSO I purchased it when I started culinary school 20 years ago (gasp) and it's still razor sharp (double gasp). YES it is worth $12 to not hate your zester.
Fine Bar Grater

Grate chocolate, nutmeg or cinnamon. Also, this is GRATE (oh, wow, really?) to remove the flavorful zest from citrus in tiny, fine shreds, and make your own tasty rim salts & sugars!
Bar Spoon

The long spiral handle practically stirs by itself if you hold it right! And it's cheap and it looks cool, too.
Small Bar (Rail) Mat

If you're short on space, this is a narrow strip of bar-mat material, so you can catch drips and small spills.
Large Bar Mat

This is the one I use, mine holds 3 cups of water. I hope to never spill that much, but if I do, my shoes stay dry!
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