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Pasta Tools

While it's true that each of my Nonnas, Giuseppina and Anna (I'm named after both of them!) made pasta with nothing more than a rolling pin, we have a few more tools at our disposal.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker

Excellent machine for the price. Highly recommended.
Imperial Pasta Machine

This is what I use in my classes because beginners are really rough on my machines, and these are cheaper to replace. Works fine, but not as smoothy or consistently as the more expensive model above.
Kitchenaid Roller & Cutter

If you want to avoid the hand-cranking, and you have a kitchenaid countertop mixer, this is the way to go! I don't own this, but I've been very pleased with the results from clients who have purchased these.
Pasta Drying Rack

Nice little pasta rack. I own this: it's only a few parts, so easy to assemble and compact to store. Much more tidy than leaving teatowels all over the kitchen like my Nonna did in Italy!
Pastry Wheel & Ravioli Cutter

Even though you may already have a "pizza wheel", this tool offers more precision. Also, the wavy blade makes for very cute edges on your ravioli and hand-cut long pastas.
Immersion Cooking Basket

This is the best for Home-Made Pasta. You can let the noodles cook in a rolling boil, and when the pasta is done, you can immediately pull all the fragile noodles out at once. This is perforated metal instead of screen/mesh, so you can scrub it with a brush or a sponge, and it's much easier to clean. Also useful for blanching food for canning.
Durum Wheat Semolina

Making pasta from scratch with real semolina is very different than regular all purpose flour. So much more flavor, and holds up to cooking really well. I know you can find it at Coco's Italian restaurant. You might as well get a cannoli while you're there!
Linden Sweden Brushes

I own these brushes. The unique feature of this style of brush is that the bristles are spaced out where they're attached to the handle, and therefore, it's very easy to clean. Also, these are very lightweight, and won't make your bowl of egg wash or water tip over!
Silicone Pastry Brushes

Set of 3, so you'll always have the right size. Silicone bristles don't break or shed, unlike natural bristle brushes. These pastry brushes that clean easily in the dishwasher. The handles are built with a steel core, so it's durable but won't get hot like bare metal or melt like plastic. Great for applying water, egg wash, sauces, oils, or brushing milk on breads, too.
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