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Pots, Pans & Bakeware

Please, if you buy only one thing from this section, get yourself a new nonstick skillet. Then promise, promise, that you'll only use silicone or rounded wood in it. If you can see any scratches in your existing nonstick pans, replace them with what I've listed below.

Triple-Clad Pans - Set

I have TWO sets of these! They work on electric, gas, induction, and even my cast-iron woodburning stove. I've used the top of the line (a client's Calphalon LTD) and these are right up there. Remember, never go above medium heat.
10" Nonstick Skillet

I chose this pan because it's the right size, and good quality, but cheap enough that you'll replace it when it gets scratched up. Three rivets so you can flip and shake this pan until your arm gets tired.
12" Stir Fry Pan Wok

My favorite! Do you want a kick-ass nonstick wok? Yes, you do. This is my beef stroganoff pan, my spaghetti and meatballs pan, and of course my stir-fry pan. Heavy, but it heats evenly and cooks correctly. I thought the nonstick would be weird but it's awwwwwwsome!
10" Cast Iron Skillet

Fried chicken & cornbread? Yes, of course... but also fruit cobbler, tamale pie, and frittata. You think you might want the bigger one, but even this is quite heavy. Cast iron gets better with every use, so use it often!
Grill & Griddle (2-burner)

Steaks, pork chops and chicken breast love the grill side. The griddle side makes the BEST grilled cheese, homemade naan, or flatbreads. This pan makes it easy to cook a lot at once. If you only have an electric range, this will still work, but it can also work in your oven.
9" Square Grill Pan (1-burner)

Create attractive grillmarks on steak, chicken, pork chops: Once you're done searing, pop it in your oven. I also like to use it for zucchini planks and sliced baguette for crostini. Scrub under hot tap water with dollar-store dish brushes, then heat until it's dry.
Pressure Cooker

My cooking lesson clients know I call this my "Time Machine", because it cooks so fast! Again, I like these pressure cookers so much, I have 3 of this size (and a smaller one too!) You can also just use it like a normal, deep pot for soup or large quantities, just don't use the lid! See my favorite Pressure Cooker Book
Baking Sheets

Know how you can put a sheet pan in your oven and you hear a BANG?! It's because your thin metal pan is warping. These pans are pro-quality and can handle everything from delicate cookies to racks of ribs.
Click here for the Quarter Size.
Insert Racks

Use these for roasting food, to let fat drip away, or to rest your breads, cookies and cakes to keep the bottoms from getting soggy. This has a very nice, tight grid & I love it.
Click here for the Quarter Size.
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