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Measuring Tools

Measuring category covers temperatures, volumes and weights. Cooking and storage temperatures need to be accurate for health & safety. While my cooking lesson clients know I'm fast and loose with measurements for most savory cooking, when it comes to baking, it's got to be precise!

LavaTools Instant Thermometer

My favorite! This one is nearly identical to the Palermo style, but it takes a CR2302 button-style battery, which hardly anyone has lying around.
Palermo Instant Thermometer

2nd favorite thermometer. This one is a bit slower than the LavaTools style, but it takes one AAA battery, which is much easier to find than the CR2302 button-style battery.
Analog Thermometer

Do you always run out of batteries? Great as your everyday thermometer, or a backup to any of the digital ones I mention above. You'll need to calibrate this if you drop it; I'll show you how!
So... confession time: I don't own a Thermapen. I know all the pros swear by them, but I also have seen a LOT of ruined Thermapens.
I can't 100% endorse spending $100 on this thermometer when you could buy FOUR Lavatools or FIVE Palermos.
Probe Thermometer

You can pop the metal probe in a roast, a formed loaf of bread dough, or even a pot of soup you're reheating, and it will beep at you when it reaches the set temp. Can be used in an oven, in a crockpot, or on your stovetop.
Oven Thermometer

This one got high marks from ATK, so it's the one I use at home. This has a two-way hanger for easiest viewing. Place it towards the middle of the bottom oven rack. (P.S. I won't buy Taylor-brand anything.)
Refrigerator Thermometer

The best ingredients in the world will still spoil in a refrigerator that's too warm. Wouldn't it be awful to invest all that time, money and energy into carefully preparing a meal, then have it go bad in your fridge? Keep your food cold and stay healthy!
Measuring Spoons

This one-piece design holds up well, and these narrow, rectangular spoons fit into most spice jars.
If you want to buy a second set just for WET measuring, this set is nice.
Dry Measuring Cups

Just the basics, because it's easy to grab the wrong size cup. Stainless steel won't melt or warp if you accidentally leave it on your stovetop. Holds together with magnets! (TIP - Dollar store measuring cups are good for scooping pasta or rice out of a container, but that's about it.)
Liquid Measuring Cups

There are only a couple things made of glass that I'd recommend... and this set is one of them. Won't melt, warp, stain, or absorb odors. You can melt butter in your microwave, right in this cup, and it's heavy enough to not tip over if you leave a pastry brush in it.
Digital Scale

I use my scale on a daily basis, both for portioning and metric recipes. This one powers down to save battery, and it uses AAA batteries, which are easy to replace. I keep mine in a gallon-size ziploc bag to keep it clean.
Gravy Separator!

I've had this for over 10 years! I use it for measuring, which is why it's in this section. It's my favorite fat separator because it's SO EASY to clean. The strainer top is useful as a first step to remove large bits, but you still want to use a sieve to remove fine particles.
Freezer Thermometer

Freezerburn is a terrible way to waste good food. The easy analog readout will let you know at a glance that your freezer is too warm. (If you can squeeze your ice cream container, your freezer is too warm!)
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