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Specialty Tools

Everyone asks, "Where did you get that?" These are nice to have because they allow you to keep things cleaner or make things just a little more special!

Splatter Screen

Those tiny little pops of hot oil really hurt! I chose this one because it has little feet for resting, an open handle for hanging, and a very VERY fine mesh that keeps spatter down to a minimum. Avoid any style with a knob in the center, it will get too hot to touch when it's time to remove it.
Backsplash Protector

You spent a lot of time picking out the intracate tile backsplash for behind your cooktop, but you don't have to spend hours cleaning it. This folds up flat, takes up no space at all, and it's cheap, too! Its much easier to clean this tool than to remove oil spatter and tomato stains from your walls! For a larger, cheaper, but somewhat unattractive style, this Splatter Screen is also available.
Fine Sieve / Mesh Strainer

I specifically chose the UPDATE brand because the handle is integrated into the whole sieve, is not merely welded on. Good pro equipment! This is the 6" medium size, good for most tasks. Other sizes: Large: 10" or Small: 4"
Oval Quiche or Crème Brûlée

Brunch is even more special with tiny individiual quiches! Also these are perfect for Crème Brûlée. I've even used them to bake single-serving sized cakes, or personal brownies.
4-oz Soufflé Dishes

Just the right size for a savory 1st course, soufflées, or individual desserts like chocolate lava cake. I'd suggest getting 2 sets if you entertain. Even though they're sturdy, they can chip or break if dropped.
8-oz Soufflé Dishes

Not just for French Onion Soup! This 8-oz size is ideal for crumbles, cobblers, chicken pot pie, baked mac & cheese, and can hold a nice serving of chili. Get 2 or 3 sets for entertaining.
Butane Torch

I have several kinds of culinary torches, but this is the style I like best. Attaches to the canisters linked below with a twist, and ignites with a click of the button.
P. S. I do NOT recommend [[THIS]] style, which have to be refilled.
Butane Fuel

Don't buy these here! They can be found for $2/can at most Asian/Latin markets. I'm including this link to show you what they look like, or if 2-day delivery is easier for you than driving around town.
Electric Milk Frother

This is sold as a milk frother, and it does a great job at that, but I also use it as a tiny immersion blender for blending small portions of salad dressing, for Modernist Cuisine additives, and even to whip a tiny bit of cream to top desserts.
Size 40 Portion Scoop

Make perfect meatballs that are big enough to hold up, but small enough to cook through without drying out. Also good for dividing cookie dough, or for portioning mini cupcakes. I don't recommend for ice cream unless it's VERY soft. (This is a good model too, if it's available, it tends to sell out fast.)
Chinese Soup Spoons - 12

PORCELAIN spoons are nicer than plastic. I use these for parties all the time. Pop them in your dishwasher's silverware rack, and maybe a few on the top rack if you use all of them! Cute way to offer small portions of sauces or Hors d'Oeuvres! (This is a 50-pc order, very inexpensive when it's available.)
Honey/Syrup Dispenser

Whenever I use this at a tea party, someone asks where to find it. Here it is! Lift the dispenser out of the holder & squeeze the trigger. The honey (or syrup) drizzles out of the dispenser at the bottom. Release the trigger and it stops dripping. NO MESS!
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