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Basic Utensils

The individual descriptions will explain why I mention each choice, and sometimes, what to avoid! I'll add to it from time to time when I find something awesome.

9" Nylon Tongs

Good size for everyday use. The nylon tips can be used (gently) in your non-stick pans. (NOTE: avoid tongs with silicone tips, they're floppy and slippery!)
12" Stainless Steel Tongs

This size is good for turning things in the oven, as well as on the grill. The stainless steel tips won't melt and give you a good firm grip on whatever you're turning.
Bamboo Utensils

I think this set is great: lightweight, won't scratch your cookware, no plastic to melt, and made of renewable bamboo. (No weirdo forks!) The spoon with the pointy corner is the 1st one I grab.
Nonstick Whisk

If you buy only one whisk, get this one. It won't harm your nonstick pans, won't turn your sauces gray, and still does a pretty good job at general whisking tasks.
Flat Whisk

If you get two whisks, this one does the best job of scraping up the fond from your skillet, mixes soft doughs and batters, and is easy to clean.
Balloon Whisk

Are you a fan of homemade mayo? Do you like fluffy whipped cream? Would you rather avoid cleaning appliances? More wires = fewer strokes. Make sure you use a nice deep bowl!
Veggie Peeler

I don't have all day to peel veggies, and it's no secret how I feel about Y-peelers. If NASA and Cadillac had a baby, and that baby was a swivel peeler, this would be that baby. If you don't already have a good peeler, Check out this 3-piece set.
Julienne Peeler

If you're just throwing together a quick salad and you don't want to haul out the big mandoline for a single carrot, this is the tool for the job. Store it somewhere that the teeth won't get damaged.
Can Opener

The good ol' Swing-Away has been replaced by this NEW classic. Kind to your hands and built like a Mack truck. Always give a nice clean cut. NOTE: Always rinse it off and pat the blade dry it after every use, and it will last forever.
Veggie Peeler

I don't have all day to peel veggies, and it's no secret how I feel about Y-peelers. If NASA and Cadillac had a baby, and that baby was a swivel peeler, this would be that baby. A bargain at twice the price so get two!
Fine Microplane

This can do things your box-grater can't. Parmesan like fluffy clouds. Fresh ginger without little hairs. Garlic minced so fine it's puréed. Citrus zest - and ONLY zest - to boost the flavor of your cooking!
Box Grater

If you don't have one of these already, I suggest you get the kind that's a solid piece like this, not one that folds up, for safety. This model has no plastic parts to melt or get gummy, so it can go in the dishwasher!
Soup Ladle

This is the pro model. It's cheap, sturdy efficient, & has a hook. Get the 1/2 cup size for the most versatility, from plating sauces to serving soup. If you have room, Check out this 4-piece set.
Silicone Spatula

These are heat resistant and BPA free silicone. You can choose this multi-color set for instant visual recognition, or the single-color sets also offered, if that's your style.
''Fish'' Spatula

Yes, it's known as a fish spatula and it's great for fish, but it's great for getting almost anything out of where it is and moving it safely to where you want it to be. These are a pair; use both of them at the same time to move cake tiers.
Pancake Turner

Not everything needs to be a professional grade item, especially a pancake turner, but you do want a tool that's GREAT at its intended application but still versatile. This one keeps your non-stick pans safe.
Icing Spatula

You'll use these for spreading a lot more than just frosting! They're also great for loosening delicate things like fish fillets, thin cookies, and even helping to get bread, cakes & quickbreads out of their pans. Hard plastic handles are dishwasher safe.
Pastry Brush

I prefer silicone because it's easy to clean. Also, the traditional Boar-Bristle brushes aren't heat safe and the bristles come out (Who wants to find pig hairs in their food?) These have 1-piece styling, and a no-melt handle.
Plastic Funnel - Short Cylinder

Three piece set, the largest is a pretty good size! These have a small raised line that is just enough to vent the funnel as you pour, which is better for preventing spills. P.S. Don't buy collapsing funnels.
Plastic Funnel - Tapered Cylinder

This four piece set has much longer necks, so depending on what you're filling, this might be the better choice for you... but I actually suggest the shorter cylinder, and merely present this as a comparison. P.S. Don't buy collapsing funnels.
Stainless Steel Funnel

If it's important to know your funnel is both sturdy and able to be sterilized, then this is the one. Drop it a pot of boiling water and allow it to cool. Nice long stem and five-inch opening. P.S. Don't buy collapsing funnels.
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