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Basic Utensils

The individual descriptions will explain why I mention each choice, and sometimes, what to avoid! I'll add to it from time to time when I find something awesome.

9" Nylon Tongs

Good size for everyday use. The nylon tips can be used (gently) in your non-stick pans. (NOTE: avoid tongs with silicone tips, they're floppy and slippery!)
12" Stainless Steel Tongs

This size is good for turning things in the oven, as well as on the grill. The stainless steel tips won't melt and give you a good firm grip on whatever you're turning.
Bamboo Utensils

I think this set is great: lightweight, won't scratch your cookware, no plastic to melt, and made of renewable bamboo. (No weirdo forks!) The spoon with the pointy corner is the 1st one I grab.
Nonstick Whisk

If you buy only one whisk, get this one. It won't harm your nonstick pans, won't turn your sauces gray, and still does a pretty good job at general whisking tasks.
Flat Whisk

If you get two whisks, this one does the best job of scraping up the fond from your skillet, mixes soft doughs and batters, and is easy to clean.
Balloon Whisk

Are you a fan of homemade mayo? Do you like fluffy whipped cream? Would you rather avoid cleaning appliances? More wires = fewer strokes. Make sure you use a nice deep bowl!
Mixing Bowl Set

Metal wont break or chip, and can be used to make a double boiler or bain marie. These are kind of thin, so if you want to splurge, get one good, heavy bowl to use with a hand-mixer. TIPS: Avoid bowls with a non-slip base, or handles. Don't bother with any set that includes lids.
Fine Microplane

This can do things your box-grater can't. Parmesan like fluffy clouds. Fresh ginger without little hairs. Garlic minced so fine it's puréed. Citrus zest - and ONLY zest - to boost the flavor of your cooking!
Swivel Peeler

I don't have all day to peel veggies, and it's no secret how I feel about Y-peelers. If NASA and Cadillac had a baby, and that baby was a swivel peeler, this would be that baby. A bargain at twice the price so get two!
Cutting Board #1
Cutting Board #2
Cutting Board #3
These are are my suggestions, because they're what I use at home. I picked these specific boards because they are a good size: large enough to work on, but small enough to fit in your dishwasher. They'll also survive a daily spray with a bleach-based cleaner with no problems. Get at least two!
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