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Molecular Gastronomy

Some chef's call this combination of food & science by various names. Some say "Molecular Gastronomy" others call it "Modernist Cuisine" or even "Emotional Cuisine" because of how it seems to cultivate a reaction from people. If you're looking for some of the specialty ingredients, click here: Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients .

Digital Kitchen Scale

This scale is good for everyday weighing. Make too much pasta every time? This will help you with portion control. Also, takes AA batteries, which are easier to find than the button-style. Measures to an accuracy of 0.05oz 11lb/5kg
Pocket Scale, 100 by 0.1 grams

This scale measures to .01 grams which is typically adequate for most at-home micro-measurements. This model requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included with purchase. The scale also comes with an auto-off function.
Pocket Scale, 1000 by 0.1 grams

Ten times more precise than the other pocket scale. This scale measures to .001 grams which is excellent for small portion micro-measurements. This model requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included with purchase. The scale also comes with an auto-off function
Large Volume Syringe

This is a very good set of perfectly adequate knives. If you get this, I'd suggest adding the 3.25 paring knife to your collection.

To measure ingredients by the drop, these 3 ml Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipettes are just the tool. Cheap, too. Cut to size for fancy Hors d'Oeuvres or loaded cupcakes.
Julep Spoon

This is perfect for removing spheres and 'caviar' from their liquid. Perforated spoon especially for straining. The holes are just the right size and won't tear delicate spheres.
New West - PETTY
PETTY New West Knife Works
Chef JoAnna's Favorite Knife!
New West Knifeworks

My favorite! My at-home knife, the 1st one I reach for, every time I cook. I love it so much I won't take it to work! (ask me for my discount code)
Detachable Kitchen Shears

The most important feature is that the blades separate for thorough and easy cleaning. No chicken cooties can get stuck in these scissors! I appreciate the tiny serrated blades, they cut through anything. The herb stripper removes fresh thyme from the stems.
Offset Bread Knife

The shape of this offset knife keeps your knuckles off the cutting board, It's great for crusty or soft breads, sandwiches, flaky pastry, and any cake from angelfood to pound cake..
Starter Mandoline

This is your entry-level mandoline. Consistent slices, thin enough for potato chips Not only is it a bargain, it's easy to clean and small enough to store in a drawer. Preset sizes; Straight blade only.
Upgrade Mandoline

An inexpensive alternative to a professional stainless-steel mandoline, this makes it possible to quickly, uniformly, and safely slice and julienne vegetables and fruit. Preset sizes; Straight + Batonnet + Julienne.
Best Mandoline

This 100% stainless steel Bron mandoline is the one you'll find in pro kitchens. Fully adjustable thickness; Straight + Batonnet + Julienne, plus wavy cuts. Mine has endured 15 yrs of use and it's still perfect.
Size 40 Portion Scoop

Make perfect meatballs that are big enough to hold up, but small enough to cook through without drying out. Also good for dividing cookie dough, or for portioning mini cupcakes. I don't recommend for ice cream unless it's VERY soft. (This is a good model too, if it's available, it tends to sell out fast.)
Chinese Soup Spoons - 12

PORCELAIN spoons are nicer than plastic. I use these for parties all the time. Pop them in your dishwasher's silverware rack, and maybe a few on the top rack if you use all of them! Cute way to offer small portions of sauces or Hors d'Oeuvres! (This is a 50-pc order, very inexpensive when it's available.)
Honey/Syrup Dispenser

Whenever I use this at a tea party, someone asks where to find it. Here it is! Lift the dispenser out of the holder & squeeze the trigger. The honey (or syrup) drizzles out of the dispenser at the bottom. Release the trigger and it stops dripping. NO MESS!
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