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Afternoon Tea -- $825
What could be lovlier than a formal sit-down tea? Mom can bring out her nice china and Chef JoAnna will prepare all the food and replenish each guest's individual teapots. The meal part of the tea is served as courses, to include:
· A selection of canapè sandwiches
· A course of cheeses and/or salads
· Tea Bread and Scones· Petit Fours and other sweets
...all complemented by traditional and herbal teas - some of which is grown in the Chef's own garden!
This is a wonderful, luxurious and very generous gift that will create lasting memories! Suggested for at least 6 but up to 12 guests.

This rate is for services only, and does not include groceries or tea. You can have the person receiving the gift pay for their own groceries, or you can include a grocery allowance when you are ready to check out. (Estimate is approx. $15-$30 per person. I can purchase a grocery store gift card, and buy the groceries with that, so the Gift Recipient keeps the gift card balance, if any, as well as remaining groceries.)

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In 15 years of business, I've only had one instance of someone who gave a gift certificate but didn't remit a payment. payment. It was really embarrassing for the person who tried to redeem the certificate, as well as the person who claimed he bought it. I do not honor gift certificates that have not been paid for; you must obtain a validation code from me personally.
~ Chef JoAnna
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Convenience fee (3%) applies to all credit card payments and is calculated on the invoice.

If you need quick-turn around for a gift certificate, please be sure to call me or send me a text message!

If you need to talk, you can call or text either of these numbers at any time;
I'll call you back ASAP, or during my normal business hours (9am-7pm).

615-247-5800 256-513-9494
Subliminal Message: You are very, very hungry! :-)

Redeeming a Gift Certificate?

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