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Welcome to Cuisine Connection,

My personalized tool reviews and equipment suggestions.

Those of you who have taken classes with me know that one of my favorite sayings is, "A good cook can still be lazy and cheap!" The items listed below reinforce that feeling. I always strive to save time, and to do it in the most economical way possible.
These are the tools I use in my home kitchen and at work.
If I can't find the exact model, I'll suggest something of the same quality or better, in its most affordable option. I will avoid suggesting glass in most cases, and I typically avoid multi-function options, and other bells & whistles. I avoid suggesting things that are "unitaskers" unless it's the exact right tool for the job. And finally, I won't include things that are cute, no matter how cute, if it doesn't work for it's intended use. Each selection has a few words about why I prefer it over the alternatives, and some hints about usage. I also include some of my favorite books including cookbooks, food-related prose, and food & wine pairing books.

I hope these will make cooking easier... and more fun!

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